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For the Emperor
Paperback  Paperback  
Placed in the Top 20 in the 1998 Preditors and Editors Reader's Choice Awards! #4 Cumulative Sales, SF&F, eBook Bestseller List #52 BarnesandNoble.com Rocket Edition Romance Bestsellers #12 Lifetime sales, Hard Shell Word Factory Finalist! 1999 Affaire de Coeur Reader's Poll Best Up and Coming Author. Jameelah was always prepared to die for her cause. Now, unless her plan to gain the attention of the Triden Emperor succeeds, she may have to kill for it as well. But peace has one last chance. She plants a smoke bomb at the royal wedding reception. After the explosion, Jameelah is betrayed by one of her own, and finds herself stranded in a runaway escape pod. She is not alone. One of the party goers lies bruised and bloodied at her feet. Jameelah knows Alec is a Triden officer, ruthless minion to an evil Emperor. Alec knows Jameelah is an Imsada terrorist, a threat to everything he loves. But Jameelah isn't just any terrorist--she is the one person her people will follow on their road to peace. And Alec isnt just any Triden lieutenant--he is the Emperor's only brother and heir to the throne.
Genre: Romance
Published: Aug 2004
Publisher: Hard Shell Word Factory
ISBN13: 9780759900936
ISBN10: 0759900930
Pages: 276