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Once a Mutt
Paperback  Paperback  
Trace Series Book 5 Trace needed money fast, big money, or he'd be in a hole that could turn out to be his financial grave. His heavenly hooker girlfriend Chico wouldn't lend him any of her hard-earned cash, which forced him to take an assignment from the giant insurance company that hated to have to use him as much as he hated to be of use to them. A kinky, animal-loving tycoon was missing...his widow demanding two million dollars insurance...and for those kinds of bucks Trace was told to do anything he had to. So, obeying orders, he went after the wildest bunch of characters ever to be on the wrong side of an animal cage at the zoo, from a man-eating adulteress who lusted to swallow him whole...to a couple of human sharks who wanted to spit him out in pieces...
Genre: Thrillers
Published: Mar 2009
Publisher: eReads.com
ISBN13: 9780759290389
ISBN10: 0759290385
Pages: 172