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When Elephants Forget
Paperback  Paperback  
Trace Series Book 3 As far as Trace was concerned, New York was a lousy place to visit, and an even worse place to make a living. But the insurance company that employed him had sent him to Manhattan to check out a death in a Family that made the Mafia look like the Waltons. And to add an extra twist of trouble, Trace's girlfriend, Chico, came along to keep him on the straight and narrow while she explored the far-out kicks of fun city. In a town where every woman seemed available at the price of peril...where a blizzard of cocaine was burying users and pushers alike...and where the answer to the most polite question was a quick kick in the teeth...the freest free-lance investigator of them all found the Big Apple pure poison when he cut to the core of a crime that nobody wanted solved..
Genre: Thrillers
Published: Mar 2009
Publisher: eReads.com
ISBN13: 9780759290266
ISBN10: 0759290261
Pages: 216