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Merry Christmas, Baby
Paperback  Paperback  
DONNA KAUFFMAN - Making Waves: The last thing playboy captain Burke Morgan needs is a last-minute replacement cook for his yacht who also suffers from motion sickness. But once he sees luscious Kamala Apolo, he's got a perfect idea for getting her body in sync with the rhythm of the water...

NANCY WARREN - Let It Snow: When perky Chicago weather girl Marisa Langley gets stuck in the cold with her survivalist cameraman, Rob Sheridon, she can't begin to forecast just how steamy it can get between the two of them...

ERIN McCARTHY - And About Time, Too: Josh Black is so in love with his friend Cassidy that he writes her into his cartoon strip, making Cassidy think he's fallen for another woman. Can two confirmed "friends" unwrap their true feelings in time to share a night of unforgettable holiday passion?

MARYJANICE DAVIDSON - Undercover Clause: Dressed as a sidewalk Santa, undercover cop Corinne mistakes Tony Danielson for a purse snatcher. What Tony sees is a beautiful, lonely workaholic, and he'd love to take her out of disguise and help her slip into something a little more comfortable...

LUCY MONROE - Silver Bella: Successful model Bella Jackson may look steamy on covers, but under them, she's a total novice. What she needs is someone who can make her feel the way she looks. And hunky Texan Jake Barton seems exactly what she needs in her Christmas stocking...

SUSANNA CARR - Snow Day: Showing up naked in Tyler's bed has more to do with Karen's rotten luck and bad sense of direction than actual intent. But Tyler's sure she's right where she belongs, and he's got one Christmas snowstorm to prove it to her...

Genre: Romance
Published: Oct 2004
Publisher: Kensington Pub Corp
ISBN13: 9780758208866
ISBN10: 0758208863
Pages: 320