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Twilight Time
Paperback  Paperback  
The Devonshire village of Ford is full of excitement and curiosity at the arrival of their new doctor, the dashing young Scotsman Jamie Murray. Among the fluttering female hearts are sisters Maggs and Crista Fletcher. And though Maggs frequents the local pub in the hope of a chance meeting with the young doctor, it is Crista to whom Jamie has taken a shine. Not that Maggs is exactly drinking on her own. Her admirers include Dickie Trippett, her childhood sweetheart, now scarred for life in the First World War, and handsome, confident, and rich Rupert Swain, son and heir to the local paper mill. As Maggs and Crista's lives progress, they come to realize that those young, seemingly carefree days have in fact shaped their entire destinies.
Genre: Medical
Published: Oct 2004
Publisher: Time Warner Books UK
ISBN13: 9780751531961
ISBN10: 0751531960
Pages: 503