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Lisey's Story
CD Audiobook  CD Audiobook  
This novel by bestselling author Stephen King explores the relationship between the writer and his work, through the voice of the widow Lisey Landon. Lisey's late husband, Scott, was an award-winning novelist, and when he died, hordes of authors and critics jumped to get their hands on his unpublished notes and documents. Their attitudes towards Lisey quickly turn from mild to threatening, and as she struggles to keep her husband's life and work from the grasp of these jackals, Lisey escapes into the fantastical world that her husband used to go to for inspiration--a world peopled with strange, wonderful, and sometimes dangerous creatures.
Genre: Horror
Published: Oct 2006
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio
ISBN13: 9780743556002
ISBN10: 0743556003
Narrator: Mare Winningham
Discs: 16