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Hidden River
Mass Market  Mass Market  
In this hardboiled work of suspense, a former cop escaping serious personal and professional problems in his own country of Ireland finds a new set of troubles in America when he takes on a murder case. Alexander Lawson's promising career as a detective in Belfast's Royal Ulster Constabulary was cut short when, not long after his transfer to the drug squad, he became a heroin addict and was forced to resign. Anxious for an opportunity to prove himself worthy once more--and to avoid both the dealer to whom he owes money and his ex-colleagues on the force, who believe that he's preparing to sell them out in a corruption investigation--he travels to Denver to investigate the death of a former lover.
Genre: Mystery & Detective
Published: Dec 2005
Publisher: Pocket Books
ISBN13: 9780743470575
ISBN10: 0743470575
Pages: 445