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Little Earthquakes
Paperback  Paperback  
Jennifer Weiner, who excels at writing fiction about bright young women as they make their way through life, turns her attention to the joys and woes of pregnancy. Three friends in Philadelphia are pregnant when they meet, and Weiner describes their utterly realistic adventures en route to motherhood and beyond. Becky is a plus-size chef married to a lovable doctor; Kelly's blonde adorableness doesn't help much when her husband loses his job and turns into a couch potato; Ayinde is drop-dead gorgeous but her sports-superstar husband is probably cheating on her. In addition, Lia--new in town--is estranged from her husband and trying to accept the death of her baby. As each woman copes with her attitudes to marriage and motherhood, plus a kaleidoscopic array of personal problems, she can always count on the support of her warm circle of friends--and generate a few laughs in the process.
Genre: Fiction
Published: Jun 2005
Publisher: Washington Square Press
ISBN13: 9780743470100
ISBN10: 0743470109
Pages: 417