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Turning Angel
Mass Market  Mass Market  
Bestselling author Greg Iles brings back the protagonist of THE QUIET GAME in this legal thriller. Penn Cage, a lawyer turned writer, resumes his former profession at the behest of Dr. Andrew "Drew" Elliott, a close friend who saved his life when they were kids. When fishermen discover the half-naked body of popular prep-school senior Kate Townsend, Drew reveals that he and Kate were having an affair. Drew’s behavior in the wake of the crime, plus a prosecutor with a very specific political agenda that depends upon Drew’s conviction, make for an uphill battle for Penn, whose own investigation into the crime exposes some unpleasant truths about Drew, the prep school, and himself.
Genre: Psychological
Published: Nov 2006
Publisher: Pocket Books
ISBN13: 9780743454162
ISBN10: 0743454162
Pages: 644