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Blood Memory
Mass Market  Mass Market  
A woman finds a link between a present-day murderer and unresolved issues from her own troubled past in this psychological thriller from the author of THE FOOTPRINTS OF GOD. A serial killer who targets white family men over 40 and leaves their bodies covered with human bite marks is prowling the streets of New Orleans. The cops call in Dr. Cat Ferry, an expert forensic odontologist (specialist in human teeth and bites) who with equal expertise hides her alcoholism, her depression, and her affair with a married detective from her colleagues. But the repeated panic attacks she mysteriously suffers during her examinations of the bodies gets her dumped from the case. Hoping to regain some control over her rapidly destabilizing life, Cat goes home to her family's estate in Natchez, Mississippi, where she inadvertently finds evidence that calls into question the accepted explanation for her father's long-unsolved murder--and where traumatic memories resurface.
Genre: Psychological
Published: Nov 2005
Publisher: Pocket Star Books
ISBN13: 9780743454155
ISBN10: 0743454154
Pages: 800