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Endangered Species
Hardcover  Hardcover  

Cordelia Chase is accustomed to being rocked by excruciating visions courtesy of the Powers That Be, but that doesn't mean that she is impervious to them. She is particularly disturbed to be visited with the image of someone she knows.

It's Faith -- whose recent incarceration, it would seem, is the least of her problems.

Angel wastes no time in heading off to jail to check on the once-rogue warrior, who admits to having noticed various creepies -- of the supernatural, rather than criminal, variety -- going bump in the night. She can't really investigate thoroughly for fear of giving away her status as Slayer to her fellow inmates.

The picture becomes clearer when Chaz Escobar, a onetime game hunter, arrives at Angel Investigations. He explains that he is searching for his wife, Marianna, a vampire. He had been working on the cure for her vampirism on a small, distant island -- but she escaped. Chaz suspects her for being the monster harassing Faith.

When Faith is magickally sprung from jail -- straight into Marianna's clutches -- Angel's Team and Chaz are off to Fantasy Island. Once there, however, they discover that Chaz's secondary goal is to rid the world of vampires -- even those with a soul. If Angel aligns himself with Chaz even to the point of self-sacrifice, his atonement will truly be complete. But before the two can retrieve the magickal chalice required for the destruction of vampires, they find themselves prey of a species of questionable evolution -- orchestrated by creatures of true evil: the lawyers of Wolfram & Hart.

Genre: Media Tie-in
Published: Oct 2002
Publisher: Pocket Books
ISBN13: 9780743427821
ISBN10: 0743427823
Pages: 320