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Alex Hawke is on the hunt...

In this exhilarating tale of international suspense, New York Times bestselling

author Ted Bell's 'larger-than-life hero' (Publishers Weekly),

counterterrorist operative Alexander Hawke, must save the United States from a

devastating terrorist operation.

When a mysterious explosion destroys his research vessel in search of a lost

river, Alex Hawke is captured indigenous cannibals and enslaved deep within the

Amazonian jungle. Before he escapes, he learns that a fearsome foe is preparing

for war - but against whom?

When he regains contact with his American and British intelligence counterparts,

Alex's worst fears are confirmed. The men in the jungle are highly trained

Hezbollah warriors who are planning an unspeakably violent jihad against

America. While the United States focuses its efforts on the escalating border

disputes with Mexico, Alex vos to put a stop to the deadly plot. Aware that his

mission may be the country's only hope, he travels back into the jungle to

destroy the lawless mastermind who dares to threaten America's very existence.

Genre: Thrillers
Published: Jul 2007
Publisher: Pocket Star Books
ISBN13: 9780743277242
ISBN10: 0743277244
Pages: 720