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The Christmas Thief
Mass Market  Mass Market  
Thirteen years ago, con artist Patrick 'Packy' Coogan Noonan stole $100 million from the investors of his fraudulent company, put $80 million of it into diamonds, and hid the diamonds up a blue spruce tree in Stowe, Vermont. Packy's just been released from prison and is ready to collect his ill-gotten gains; but unfortunately for him, that very same tree has been picked as Rockefeller Center's Christmas tree and is about to be transported to New York. This is the third time this mother and daughter--who each have extraordinarily successful solo careers--have combined their authorial talents in a Christmas-themed novel.
Genre: Mystery & Detective
Published: Oct 2006
Publisher: Pocket Books
ISBN13: 9780743272254
ISBN10: 0743272250
Co-Author: Carol Higgins Clark
Pages: 298