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The Heir: Large Print
Hardcover  Hardcover  
Years ago, Edward Deravenel's success with women may have earned him a reputation, but it was his prowess in the boardroom that at last made him king of the castle. Now, in 1918, the war was over and Edward is confident that his hard-won empire will flourish again, despite the recklessness of his brother George. A notorious gambler mired in debt, Edward believes George is not above blackmail. But disloyalty? When the house of Deravenel meets terrible reversals and then tragedy strikes, it is Edward's beloved daughter Bess who comes to the fore with her golden child, Harry, so like his grandfather. Can he fill the shoes of the man they both worship when other family members, hungry for power, are vying for the same chance?
Published: Jan 2007
Publisher: St Martins Press
ISBN13: 9780739488638
ISBN10: 0739488635