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Dean Koontz's Frankenstein
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A brilliant re-imagining and updating of the classic Frankenstein story that only Dean Koontz could conceive, PRODIGAL SON is the first volume in a four-book series that opens with the "monster"--Deucalion--coming to modern-day New Orleans, where he will join forces with a street-smart police detective and her partner on the trail of a macabre serial killer...a serial killer spawned, Deucalion will discover, by his own creator, Dr. Victor Frankenstein, now Victor Helios. Deucalion has survived for two centuries, given near immortality by the furious lightning storm that brought him to life. But he is no monster--not anymore. While he carries a quiet mystery about him, Deucalion is literate, intelligent, and very much in control of himself, almost as if he has an inner peace. For two hundred years Deucalion has thought himself alone among men, an aberrant creation of an evil mind. Now he will find that his fellows are legion...that they live among us at every strata of society...and that his nemesis, Victor Frankenstein, has survived the centuries as well...and dreams of seeding the earth with his creations. Loosely based on Dean Koontz's FRANKENSTEIN, the national network television series scheduled to begin airing on USA at Halloween, and co-authored with Kevin Anderson, subsequent volumes in the series will continue Deucalion's pursuit of Victor Helios and his unnatural army, in partership with two tough, bemused New Orleans cops, and will move back and forth in time as well, unspooling Deucalion's story from the time the original story closed. Rich, suspenseful, heartbreaking and terrifying, Dean Koontz's FRANKENSTEIN will explore as only "the master of the psychological drama"* can, the heights to which we might aspire, the depths to which some may fall, and what, in the end, it means to be truly human.
*Larry King, USA Today

From the Paperback edition.
Genre: Horror
Published: Jan 2005
Publisher: Random House Audio
ISBN13: 9780739317112
ISBN10: 0739317113
Narrator: Kevin J. Anderson
Editor: John Bedford Lloyd
Discs: 5