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Hooked Up
Paperback  Paperback  
On the road to the Monster Mile at Dover International Speedway, NASCAR fan and ex-cop Glad Wycznewski is expecting nothing more than speed on the raceway, a cold beer in his hand, and love in the RV with his beautiful wife, Ruby.

So when Glad finds a strange man in his bed wearing his favorite PJs, he's ready to get pretty upset. But who can be angry with a wife like Ruby? Her sweet compassion and melt-your-heart blue eyes diffuse his anger when she tells him the sleeping man is just a weary hitchhiker with his bedraggled cat. But things only get stranger G'' twins switching identities, brothers committing suicide, and rumors that 20 million in cash is missing. Glad rather enjoys the smell of gasoline over breakfast, but Ruby's strong will and big heart have her wrenching the French toast right out of his mouth so they can get to the bottom of things. She is seeking the truth and nothing is going to stop her.

Genre: Mystery & Detective
Published: Jan 2008
Publisher: Midnight Ink
ISBN13: 9780738711102
ISBN10: 0738711101
Co-Author: Jim Lavene
Pages: 280