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Touchpoints-Three to Six
Paperback  Paperback  
For decades, new parents have relied on Dr. Brazelton's wisdom. But all 'Brazelton babies' grow up. Now at last, the internationally famous pediatrician, in collaboration with an eminent child psychiatrist, has brought his unique insights to the 'magic' preschool and first-grade years.Through delightful profiles of four very different children, the authors apply the touchpoints theory (following the pattern of growth-new challenge-reegression-recharging-and renewed growth) to each of the great cognitive, behavioral, and emotional leaps that occur from age three to six. In the second, alphabetical, half of the book they offer precious guidance to parents facing contemporary pressures and stresses, such as how to keep a child safe without instilling fear, countering the electronic barrage of violent games and marketing aimed at children, coping successfully with varied family configurations, over-scheduling, competition, and many other vital issues today. A Merloyd Lawrence Book
Genre: Family & Relationships
Published: Jan 2001
Publisher: Da Capo Press
ISBN13: 9780738206783
ISBN10: 0738206784
Co-Author: Joshua D. Sparrow
Editor: Joshua D. Sparrow
Pages: 528