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Madonna from Russia
Hardcover  Hardcover  
Lily is a young prostitute working the streets of Petrograd who is recruited by the Bolsheviks to a higher category of working woman to service the Communist elite. Following a fortuitous marriage to Andrei Bourbon, poet, Futurist and artistic colleague of Malevich, Mayakovsky, et al, Lily's own poems are ushered to the official Communist children's newspaper. With an airbrushed and 'revolutionised' biography created for Lily, the poems are immediately published as children's books. Following Andrei Bourbon's disappearance during Stalin's purges, Lily becomes poet laureate and an ideal symbol of the Soviet era. After further marriages and the collapse of the Soviet dictatorship, Lily escapes Russia for the USA, where we meet her for the first time, engaged to a naC/ve American communist and starting all over again--'at the age of ninety-six. A contemporary picaresque novel, Madonna from Russia is fiction with Druzhnikov's unique combination of satire, humor and documentary twist.
Genre: Literary
Published: Jan 2007
Publisher: Dufour Editions
ISBN13: 9780720612554
ISBN10: 0720612551
Co-Author: Thomas Moore
Pages: 219