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Thundershine: Tales of Metakids
Hardcover  Hardcover  

"Where do our powers come from? What are they, really? We're not doing tricks, Jake. These arent tricks. These are miracles.Real miracles."

When Jenny draws an untrue map, the world changes to conform. Mae, for some reason, walks wherever she goes, although everyone else bops, or teleports, at will. Dexter can spray-paint his thoughts onto walls -- which attracts the attention of Meredith, who talks to the planet Pluto. And Nina, who can give any power she wants to her brother, to his friends, and to herself, refuses to save a neighborhood boy from death.

These are metakids: kids who are kids...and more besides.

Following his acclaimed novel The Wrecker, David Skinner triumphs with the metaworld of Thundershine. Each of these four stories gives its own marvelous and often surprising answer to the question: What is it like, after all, to have a superpower?

Genre: Short Stories
Published: Jun 1999
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Books
ISBN13: 9780689805561
ISBN10: 068980556X
Pages: 128