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Biomarkers: The 10 Keys to Prolonging Vitality
Paperback  Paperback  
Exciting new evidence from the USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging at Tufts University has demonstrated that the body's decline is due 'not' to the passing of years but to the combined effects of inactivity, poor nutrition, and illness -- much of which can be controlled. This breakthrough study shows that regardless of your age or present physical condition, the aging process can be slowed -- or even reversed

The authors have identified ten 'biomarkers,' the key physiological factors associated with prolonged youth and vitality:

* lean body (muscle) mass

* strength

* basal metabolic rate

* body fat percentage

* aerobic capacity

* blood pressure

* Insulin sensitivity

* cholesterol/HDL ratio

* bone density

* body temperature regulation

With only 50 minutes a day of aerobic exercise and strength training (a pivotal component of the 16-week Bioaction Plan), even middle-aged 'couch potatoes' and older adults can:

* regain muscle loss and increase strength by as much as 200 percent

* reenergize the body and actually lose body fat

* increase aerobic capacity by up to 20 percent

* reduce the chances of developing age-related conditions such as heart disease, Type II diabetes, and osteoporosis

Providing dietary guidelines, self-tests for evaluating your physiological age, and exercise programs for every level of fitness, 'Biomarkers' will change forever the way you think -- and what you do -- about aging.

Genre: Health & Fitness
Published: Jan 1991
Publisher: Fireside Books
ISBN13: 9780671778989
ISBN10: 0671778986
Co-Author: Jacqueline Thompson
Editor: Irwin H. Rosenberg
Pages: 300