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Southern Fried Makeover
Mass Market  Mass Market  
It's a clothes encounter of the ethical kind.

Bronson Alcott High has been invaded -- by Gigi Rabinowitz, the new transfer student from Georgia. Gigi is looking to take over some major turf -- like Murray, De's Known Boyfriend. And, segue -- where did Gigi get her sense of style? It's as Jurassic as her attitude toward boyfriends. Now De declares all-out war, and it's not civil.

But the invasion sensation sees new worlds to conquer. A TV exec is scouting for high school veejay talent, and Gigi figures that with Cher as her image consultant she'll be the belle of the music video ball. Dilemma! Cher doesn't want to help her t.b.'s enemy, but De's cool -- as long as Cher doesn't exchange Gigi's grievous garments for tasteful togs. In fact, she wants Cher to make Gigi look like her usual heinous self, only worse. Cher wants to stay loyal to her best bud, but if she doesn't turn Gigi into a Betty, will everyone think she's lost her makeover touch?

Genre: Media Tie-in
Published: May 1999
Publisher: Simon Spotlight Entertainment
ISBN13: 9780671034375
ISBN10: 0671034375
Pages: 176