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Dr. Claire Elliott and her teenage son Noah have just moved from the big city to Tranquility, Maine, in search of solace after the death of Noah's father. But as the winter chill begins to blanket this tiny hamlet, Claire discovers that her new home is anything but tranquil. A teenage boy under her care has just committed a terrifying act--one that ignites a chain of atrocities committed by local youths. Frightened for her life, as well as her son's, Claire begins her own investigation that uncovers an epidemic of teenage violence that occurs twice every century in Tranquility. Is the cause of the epidemic a natural foe, or is there a manmade conspiracy behind the nightmare? It's up to Claire to find the truth before it's too late.
Genre: Medical
Published: Aug 1999
Publisher: Pocket Books
ISBN13: 9780671016760
ISBN10: 0671016768
Pages: 512