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Total Control
Paperback  Paperback  
A winning mix of power and politics'. -- USA Today

'Baldacci delivers'. -- New York Daily News

'Powerful....The story will leave readers lying awake at night'. -- Associated Press

'Fast and scary'. -- Cosmopolitan

'Non-stop action, taut plotting, sizzling suspense'. -- Stephen Coonts, author of Under Seige

Total deceit...the ultimate betrayal

Sidney Archer has been living the perfect life -- a loving husband, adorable daughter, and a successful career at a major Washington law firm. Suddenly her husband is killed in a fiery plane crash, and her life is shattered. But the nightmare is just beginning: the FBI believes that her husband was responsible for the crash, and that he is still alive. Did he betray his wife and his country? The hunt is on for Jason Archer -- and the startling truth which threatens to destroy the country's most powerful individual.

Genre: Espionage
Published: Dec 1997
Publisher: San Val
ISBN13: 9780613071253
ISBN10: 0613071255