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The Glass Doctor
Hardcover  Hardcover  
Pathologist Willis Kendall painstakingly diagnoses disease through his microscope, making crucial calls about the treatment of patients he never meets. But one day he looks up from the lens to face ruthless competition from a local university-based health care system, and when he turns to his family and its sensible and safe suburban existence, his life begins to unravel before the causes can even be identified. Will grapples with the torments of his demanding specialty and his splintering life. Seeking to learn where his profession can take him, he attends a medical specialty convention and meets the charming but enigmatic Jackie Todd. Will's growing friendship with Jackie helps him see more options opening up before him. Turning the microscope upon himself, Will reluctantly comes to some life-altering decisions, and the reckoning begins. 'The Glass Doctor' provides a view of life through the lens of hospital medicine and highlights individual journeys of disillusionment to upheaval to renewal.
Genre: Medical
Published: Feb 2008
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN13: 9780595679799
ISBN10: 059567979X
Pages: 324