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Paid to Heal, Injure and Kill
Paperback  Paperback  
The novel Paid to Heal - Injure, and Kill details the unfolding drama of several near simultaneous medical malpractice suits.

When the central Texas town of Oakland flourishes with rapid growth, a large medical corporation builds a new hospital there. The ambitious administrator does everything possible to lure new physicians to help the facility generate profits. Ethics erode in this greed-driven environment as bonds of deceit are fostered through hunting and fishing trips, lavish dinner entertainments, and expensive hotel conferences, all sponsored by pharmaceutical companies or medical corporations. Meanwhile, many suffering patients and their families pay with bodily injury, emotional pain, and in some cases death. When the young and vulnerable Allison Presley, still grieving the untimely death of her husband, brings her baby boy to Dr. Williams, who performs an unnecessary surgical procedure on little Junior resulting in the boy's death. Another patient, thirty-five year old Dorothy Gonzales, finds herself permanently blinded as the result of two pituitary surgeries incompetently performed by Dr. Nelson. As the two patients realize they have entrusted unworthy physicians, they seek the services of two attorneys from the same law firm. These men demand the powerful doctors and the supporting entities make appropriate monetary reparations.

Genre: Medical
Published: Mar 2009
Publisher: iUniverse.com
ISBN13: 9780595534524
ISBN10: 059553452X
Pages: 140