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For Forty Days, It Rained
Paperback  Paperback  
An inept bureaucrat is trying to kill Gary Charboneau and Bob Nelson, engineers designing listening devices for the Drug Enforcement Administration. When they do learn why, they use a mole in his computer to publish his secret, and the bureaucrat is murdered. With the threat gone, the guys emerge from hiding. Alerted by a friend in the FBI, Gary manages to rescue Bob and his wife from two hit-men. Back in hiding and desperate for evidence to expose what seems to be a large conspiracy, Gary soon finds himself in a desert being hunted by the Army. The Federal Government charges both men with several felonies and their capture is only a matter of time. They know they'll never live to stand trial.

'This tightly-written thriller hits the ground running and never lets the reader go. The characters are so real that you need them to survive. Nothing is predictable in this fast-paced thriller. I couldn't put it down.'
-Bookstuf Capsule Reviews
Genre: Thrillers
Published: Apr 2008
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN13: 9780595503216
ISBN10: 0595503217
Pages: 224