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Half Eye of the Gods
Paperback  Paperback  
Annually, about 300,000 African babies are born with sickles cell disorders. A bold deception threatens to plunge the family of ex-miss Nigeria when her two sons are diagnosed with sickle cell Anaemia. Intrigue and family crisis mingle in one of the finest mysteries as Femi-her first son, is held hostage not by guns or bombs, but by a detect in the +'-globin chain of Haemoglobin as a result of sickle cell disease. Soon she is obsessed with consulting the African gods for solution to her problems. From this moment, Ibun and her family are caught up in a nightmare whirlwind of marital isolation, deception and serial death in her family. Her marriage was at a breaking point. Basically, traditional Africans consult the gods of good health for medical problems like infertility and mysterious illness. 'Will the African gods come to the aid of former Miss Nigeria?' The truth that she will learn is the most shocking deception of all. It is a skillfully piece with a savage twist in the story.
Genre: Medical
Published: Dec 2007
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN13: 9780595479962
ISBN10: 0595479960
Pages: 180