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PI Gary Charboneau made a horrible mistake, and the love of his life nearly paid the ultimate price. She has physically recovered from her injuries, and with the help of two friends, she seems to be coping with the mental trauma. Then she is arrested for murder and she begins planning her final escape. Gary has to rescue her or the guilt eating at him will never go away. Gary plans to stop the prosecution any way he can. Then a dirty cop, a bounty-hunting grandmother and two professional hit men intervene and he finds himself digging his own grave.

John Orr, San Jose Mercury News Charboneau, despite his dark whisperings to himself, is a pretty likable guy, but he] breaks and enters homes to install illegal wiretaps, he . tortures people for information, he gets someone to steal evidence for him. I'd have more trouble with Charboneau's work if I hadn't myself seen police detectives find suspects using techniques that would never be heard of in a court of law, then lying about how they broke their cases. Lin Rolens, Santa Barbara News-Press Mr. Murphy has structured Charboneau to make him both attractive and a little creepy. Charboneau is a nationally known private investigator who changes his looks to keep his visibility down; he knows his business, is intelligent and clever and tough. Never hesitant to do what is most expedient to get what he needs, Charboneau plants bugs in phones and tracking devices on cars; he disguises himself and lies where he thinks it's appropriate to ferret out the truth. Clever and technologically sophisticated, he does what the police dare not. Bob Behme, Santa Maria Times Gary Charboneau, a flawed and impatient private investigator, is an excitingfind. He] gathers evidence illegally, uses listening devices that may not hold up in court, and] bullies suspects. Just when you think you've got things figured out, there is another zag. Charboneau's need to find the truth adds up to a fast-paced read. .you might not always empathize, but you'll be hooked.

Genre: Mystery & Detective
Published: Aug 2006
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN13: 9780595404865
ISBN10: 0595404863
Pages: 240