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In Winter's Moment: A Novel Based on a True Story
Paperback  Paperback  
Conner James has it all; a wonderful wife, loving children, a well-established career as a commodities trader in the heart of Boston; a solid, loving family tradition. His life could only be measured by the sentimental and humorous experiences from his youth, and his current life as a husband, father, brother, and son. There are so many seasons to remember; joyous ones; kind and giving ones that can fill a movie script and lead him into a happy life. But fate has its own terms; its own challenges, not guided or regulated by what hopes and dreams may bring about harmony into his life. Now, when his life is set, a dramatic turn of events is thrown into his world. And in these trials, how one well-kept, family secret can cause all to re-evaluate what was once thought to be 'the perfect family.' The times will change forever; and he, and all those around him must learn to cope in a strange new place.

'In Winter's Moment' is a moving and universal novel about hope, family, and the trials that come into Conner's world so unexpectantly; the evolving and changing relationships that he must manage through the most difficult times of his life. Nothing could prepare him for the tragedy that ultimately intrudes, or the pitfall decisions he must make that will impact all those closest to him. His upbringing will take him only so far; the rest is left for him to live through. This is about love, the overseeing challenges of making the necessary sacrifices, and learning how to gently let go.

Life has a look of beveled glass in it; as you move through it, so does your viewpoint and what you can see. 'In Winter's Moment' displays all the colors of life; where Sorrows can once reign, Joys caneventually endure.

Genre: Literary
Published: Oct 2005
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN13: 9780595367542
ISBN10: 0595367542
Pages: 528