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Tick Tock
Paperback  Paperback  
A young gynecology resident, in the midst of her infertility rotation, realizes that she herself may be infertile. Dr. Amy Levine shares the nitty gritty details that no one tells you until you are there, lying on the table, looking at the ceiling. This humorous account of a doctor on the receiving end of fertility treatments will make you laugh and clamp your thighs closed. A must read for anyone who wants to know about getting pregnant when the birds and the bees aren't working.

The author, a gynecologist with her own fertility problems, draws on her personal and professional experiences to create a wonderfully readable story with characters and circumstances every fertility patient will recognize.

A refreshingly fresh first novel.

Genre: Medical
Published: Nov 2005
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN13: 9780595362653
ISBN10: 0595362656
Pages: 148