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At Your Cervix: A Gynecologist Tells All in the Possum Trot Chronicles
Paperback  Paperback  
Have you ever wondered what goes through the mind of a gynecologist? 'At Your Cervix' tells the story of Dr. Robert Butterman and his discordant marriage to an outspoken, feisty, British woman.

Dr. Butterman mistakenly feels that he can continue his uninhibited lifestyle in the face of a conservative community that prefers its dirty laundry to be kept private. The tone for the story is set in the opening scene: an uninhibited hot tub party that includes Dr. Butterman, his bisexual wife Miriam, and two married but very naked nurses. Over time, Dr. Butterman finds himself falling in love with each of the ladies with whom he shared the hot tub on that moonlit December night. The ensuing affairs result in the complete disruption of all four lives.

In the end there are divorces, unexpected babies, affairs, scandals, financial woes, suicides--even murders. Bob turns out to be a walking, talking, tragic comedy as he struggles to maintain his life and career. Through the myriad of unexpected developments that arise from his simple desire for love and passion, 'At Your Cervix' is a steamy tell-all novel about the life of a sexually insatiable gynecologist.

Genre: Medical
Published: May 2005
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN13: 9780595343027
ISBN10: 0595343023
Pages: 616