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Adventures with Captain Murphy & Lady Murphy
Paperback  Paperback  
This first book of the series 'Adventures With Captain Murphy & Lady Murphy' puts you at the countryside, a coastal town, mystery at sea, and a romance during the Victorian age. Sip on coffee or tea and enjoy moments of relaxation, anticipation, and adventure all in one book. Visit with friends; relish the excitement and adventure of some unexpected events. This is an all around book of easy and wholesome reading for adults as well as children. Starting out a rather routine day, the unnamed character of the story soon finds he and his trusted friend is caught in the middle of mysterious events. Local and foreign detectives are brought in, and two people in love are miles apart. What about the 'Mystery Ship' last noticed around the lighthouse? What cargo was secretly being unloaded at night? A beautiful lady is involved in the plot, and two missing little girls are found. What did the inn owner's daughter have to do with all of this? What was all of the secrecy about? Could a dog help solve a case? Would a man at a barbershop and a train nearby be significant? Who was in love with who, and how much?
Genre: Romance
Published: Oct 2005
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN13: 9780595340194
ISBN10: 0595340199
Pages: 80