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Royal Matrimony
Paperback  Paperback  
Kamlin Ahmad is the crown prince of El De'bar, destined to marry a woman he despises with every bone in his body. The only solution is to find another woman to marry and soon. Then he meets Jessie, an American woman who carries a predominately male occupation in his country, is outspoken, and is used to her own ideas as to how to conduct herself in society. She would hardly be acceptable as the next Queen of El De'bar. Or would she?
From the moment Jessie McDaniels met this strange guy from a far off place has been nothing but a confusing dream come true. First he charms her, then he seduces her, then he kidnaps her, lies to her and deceives her as a way to keep from having to marry another woman he can't stand. The problem is, if Jessie doesn't get a grip on her feelings, this charming prince will capture her heart as well, and possibly risk losing everything she knows and loves.
Genre: Romance
Published: Jan 2004
Publisher: iUniverse.com
ISBN13: 9780595307760
ISBN10: 0595307760
Pages: 312