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Hardcover  Hardcover  
In this powerhouse of suspense--as brilliantly imagined as 'Jurassic Park' and 'The Ruins'--scientists have made a startling discovery: a fragment of a lost continent, an island with an ecosystem unlike any they've seen before . . . an ecosystem that could topple ours like a house of cards.
The time is now. The place is the 'Trident, ' a long-range research vessel hired by the reality TV show 'Sealife.' Aboard is a cast of ambitious young scientists. With a director dying for drama, tiny Henders Island might be just what the show needs. Until the first scientist sets foot on Henders--and the ultimate test of survival begins . . .
For when they reach the island's shores, scientists are utterly unprepared for what they find--creatures unlike any ever recorded in natural history. This is not a lost world frozen in time, an island of mutants, or a lab where science has gone mad: this is the Earth as it might have looked after evolving on a separate path for 'half a billion years.
'Soon the scientists will stumble on something more shocking than anything humanity has ever encountered: because among the terrors of Henders Island, one life form defies any scientific theory--and must be saved at any cost.
Genre: Suspense
Published: Jun 2009
Publisher: Delacorte Press
ISBN13: 9780553807530
ISBN10: 0553807536
Pages: 356