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Chill of Fear
Mass Market  Mass Market  
A hotel serves as the locus for a century’s worth of dark deeds in the middle volume of the Fear trilogy, a series of works of paranormal romantic suspense concerning the psychic agents of the FBI’s Special Crimes Unit. Unable to discover an effective treatment or even a correct diagnosis for her mysterious psychiatric disorder, Diana Brisco decides to try art therapy. The class, given at the posh, exclusive resort The Lodge, brings her to the attention of Quentin Hayes of the FBI Special Crimes Unit, who is searching for a missing child as well as investigating the decades-old murder of his friend Missy, killed at the Lodge when both were twelve. Quintin soon realizes that Diana is not mentally ill; rather, she is a medium. After he convinces her of the truth, the two team up to hunt down the sinister force infesting the Lodge.
Genre: Romance
Published: Jun 2006
Publisher: Bantam Books
ISBN13: 9780553585995
ISBN10: 0553585991
Pages: 338