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Alice in Wonderland and Philosophy
Paperback  Paperback  

The perfect companion to Lewis Carroll's classic book and director Tim Burton's remake of 'Alice in Wonderland' releasing in March 2010

'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland' is treasured by people of all ages who have followed young Alice on her trip down a rabbit hole and into a fantasy world filled with strange and whimsical characters. At first glance, the plot and dialogue seem like nonsense, but are actually filled with inner meaning, logic, and truisms. This is the first book ever to delve into Alice's wonderland to analyze the philosophy behind the tale and compare it to the thinking of Socrates, Derrida, Rorty, Wittgenstein, and other philosophers. Looks at compelling issues such as perception and reality as well as how logic fares in a world of lunacy, the Mad Hatter, clocks, and temporal passage Offers new insights into favorite 'Alice in Wonderland' characters and scenes, including the Mad Hatter and his tea party, the violent Queen of Hearts, and the grinning Cheshire Cat

Accessible and entertaining, 'Alice in Wonderland and Philosophy' will enrich your experience of Alice's timeless adventures with new meaning and fun.

Genre: Philosophy
Published: Jan 2010
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN13: 9780470558362
ISBN10: 0470558369
Co-Author: Richard Brian Davis
Pages: 272