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The Last Templar
Mass Market  Mass Market  
Mysterious medieval codes and the most carefully guarded secrets of the Catholic church drive this DA VINCI CODE-style debut thriller. As the Crusading Templars face their greatest defeat at the gates of Acre in 1291, a small group of the order flee in their last boat, bearing with them a small chest. In the present day, a dazzling gala at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art celebrates the opening of a new exhibit, Treasures of the Vatican. Suddenly, four mounted men dressed as Knights Templar, armed with both swords and machine guns, carve and shoot their way through the exhibit, stealing several items, including an ancient cryptographic device. But what information did that device encode--and what importance would it have today? Archaeologist Tess Chaykin, who witnessed the theft, teams up with FBI agent Sean Reilly, head of New York City’s Domestic Terrorism Unit, to find out--if the search doesn’t cost them their lives first.
Genre: Action & Adventure
Published: Dec 2006
Publisher: Signet Book
ISBN13: 9780451219954
ISBN10: 0451219953
Pages: 526