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No Second Chance
Mass Market  Mass Market  
In this New York Times bestseller, a man races against time to save his child. Plastic surgeon Marc Seidman wakes up in a hospital after nearly two weeks of being unconscious. He learns that he has been shot, his wife has been killed, and his infant daughter Tara is missing. He has a tough time convincing the police that he isn't the one responsible, especially because Marc can't remember the events of the shooting. A clue to his daughter's disappearance comes in the form of a ransom note, which demands that Marc pay Tara's kidnappers two million dollars without alerting the authorities. If he fails to follow instructions in every particular, the note warns, there will be
Genre: Suspense
Published: Apr 2004
Publisher: Signet Book
ISBN13: 9780451210555
ISBN10: 0451210557
Pages: 448