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The Crush
Mass Market  Mass Market  
Dr. Rennie Newton was jury forewoman for the murder trial of Ricky Lozada and, although she and the other jurors suspected he was guilty, the evidence presented compelled them to set Ricky free. This proves to be a decision that Rennie soon regrets as Ricky, who became obsessed with her during the trial, seemingly thanks her by killing one her work colleagues, thus ensuring Rennie a promotion. Investigating the murder of Rennie's colleague is on-leave police officer Wick Threadgill--a man with his own reasons for wanting to see Ricky behind bars. While attempting to ensnare Ricky, Wick gets involved with Rennie but also unintentionally uncovers some unsettling information about her past. Will Wick end up falling in love with Rennie...or arresting her?
Genre: Suspense
Published: Sep 2003
Publisher: Warner Books
ISBN13: 9780446613057
ISBN10: 0446613053
Pages: 470