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Lone Rider
Mass Market  Mass Market  
Out of gas on a lonely mountain road, Tess Marsh is in desperate need of rescue when a leather-clad biker named Dallas Haynes appears, followed by a nasty-looking biker gang. Before Tess can protest, Dallas purposefully claims her as his woman and spirits her away on the back of his Harley. Now at the mercy of a man who could break through her defenses, Tess fights her conflicting desires to escape from or to fall for her captor. Unbeknownst to anyone, Dallas is on a dangerous mission, and his growing passion for Tess has become a complication that could hurt them both.
Genre: Action & Adventure
Published: Nov 2001
Publisher: Grand Central Pub
ISBN13: 9780446611145
ISBN10: 044661114X
Pages: 400