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One Night for Love
Mass Market  Mass Market  
Mary Balogh's latest historical romance, One Night for Love, will delight readers with the skillfully woven tale of Neville Wyatt, Major Lord Newbury, the Earl of Kilbourne, and Lily Doyle, beautiful but common-born daughter of Kilbourne's sergeant, who has spent her life following her father and England's army. When Lily's father is mortally wounded, Neville promises the dying man that he will protect Lily by marrying her and giving her his name; as an officer's wife--and a viscountess to boot--Lily will be treated with respect in case of capture. But the two share only one glorious night of passion and discovery after their wedding, for the next day Neville watches in horror as Lily, his wife and the woman he loves, is killed in a skirmish with the French. He, too, is severely wounded and barely escapes with his life. Eighteen months later, Neville is again preparing to be married, this time to the eminently suitable young woman his family has always planned for him to wed. However, one of the guests, albeit uninvited, has grounds to object to the union; the groom is already married--to her! Neville and Lily struggle to wed their worlds together while overcoming the horror of Lily's capture and imprisonment, while a secret lurks nearby that threatens to destroy their growing love. Balogh's latest effort is an extraordinary tale of love found, lost, and found again. --Alison Trinkle
Genre: Romance
Published: Jul 2007
Publisher: Bantam Books
ISBN13: 9780440244196
ISBN10: 0440244196
Pages: 375