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A Painted House
Mass Market  Mass Market  
It's harvest time at the Chandler family farm in Arkansas, and there are two groups of workers on hand to help pick the burgeoning cotton crop. There are the Spruills, a large family from the Ozark mountains; and there is also a group of migrant workers from Mexico. When beautiful young Tally Spruill becomes romantically involved with Cowboy, a dashing Mexican, tensions begin to build. The flames are fanned by Hank Spruill, an adolescent boy who is perfectly capable of beating a man to death with his bare hands. The story is told from the point of view of 7-year-old Luke Chandler, and is based on Grisham's own recollections of his boyhood. More than just the story of mounting tension between the Spruills and the Mexican migrants, it is also a meditation on childhood in a bygone rural America.
Genre: Suspense
Published: Dec 2001
Publisher: Dell Publishing Company
ISBN13: 9780440237228
ISBN10: 044023722X
Pages: 480