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The Brethren
Mass Market  Mass Market  
A trio of federal judges--so-called the Brethren--are serving time in a minimum security federal prison. While writing briefs, handling cases for other inmates, practicing law without a license, and maintaining jailhouse justice has them comfortably occupied behind bars, a mail scam scheme that entails blackmailing rich, closeted gay men has them rolling in cash. But when the group's lucrative plan suddenly goes awry, involving a presidential candidate backed by the director of the CIA, the Brethren finds that its lack of freedom might be its only protection. While THE BRETHREN features Grisham's usual stock of faulty lawyers and their questionable legal ethics, this book represents the author's first venture into the political thriller arena. Also, unlike Grisham's previous novels, readers won't find an idealistic, heroic protagonist here. With a complete cast of shady characters, THE BRETHREN is not Grisham's usual fictional public service announcement but instead a genuine page-turner, using black humor as its primary weapon.
Genre: Legal
Published: Dec 2000
Publisher: Island
ISBN13: 9780440236672
ISBN10: 0440236673
Pages: 464