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To Tame a Highland Warrior
Mass Market  Mass Market  
Attempting to break away from the supernatural curse that haunts his family, Scotsman Gavrael McIllioch has left behind life in the family's castle and changed his name to Grimm. Leaving the McIllioch legacy wasn't hard for Grimm to do, but leaving behind his true love, the beautiful Jillian St. Clair, was the most difficult thing he has ever done. However, Grimm unable to turn completely away from Jillian, observes her life from afar. Then, when Grimm receives a cryptic note from Jillian's father, he rushes to her side only to discover that she is being used as a pawn in one of her father's cruel plots. Will Jillian and Grimm's true love be enough to overcome her father's manipulations and the McIllioch curse?
Genre: Romance
Published: Dec 1999
Publisher: Dell Publishing Company
ISBN13: 9780440234814
ISBN10: 0440234816
Pages: 416