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Animal Ark Treasury
Hardcover  Hardcover  
All animals and animal lovers are welcome at the Animal Ark Veterinary Clinic. At Animal Ark, Mandy Hope helps her parents treat animals of all shapes and sizes. Even outside the clinic. Mandy can't resist aiding any animal in need. Mandy and James meet up with old friends and new in this fantastic collection of adventures. Tame animals, wild animals, and endangered species all take center stage. From tabby cats to pandas, dolphins to foxes, this is a perfect book to either dip into or read from cover to cover. The Animal Ark Treasury includes eleven exciting short stories, as well as full length novel and profiles of Mandy's favorite animals. This book is a great gift for every Animal Ark fan. (from back cover of this book)
Genre: Miscellaneous
Published: Dec 2002
Publisher: Scholastic
ISBN13: 9780439317207
ISBN10: 0439317207