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Confessions of a Contractor
Hardcover  Hardcover  
A sexy, page-turning novel about the combustible mix that results when you blend desire, jealousy, and home renovationawritten by a successful screenwriter and former contractor.
Henry Sullivan has spent fifteen years renovating houses for wealthy women in Los Angeles. To distance himself from his clients and the intimate environments he works in, Henry has devised a set of rules to keep out of trouble. Over the course of one very complicated summer, Henry begins breaking those rules after he takes on the houses and the lives of two very different women who used to be friends. Henry falls for both of them, and quickly finds himself erecting an emotional house of cards as he attempts to complete both jobs while piecing together the mysterious events that ended the womenas friendship. 'Confessions of a Contractor' breaks new ground, knocking down the walls of the American home, giving the reader an insightful look into the way people behave behind closed doorsaand the secrets they shelter within. Candid, amusing, and hugely entertaining, this novel reveals that a good contractor can fix just about any home, but no contractor will ever be able to fix a homeowner.
Genre: Literary
Published: Aug 2008
Publisher: Putnam Adult
ISBN13: 9780399155079
ISBN10: 0399155074
Pages: 288