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Captain Jack's Woman
Mass Market  Mass Market  

Bored by society's rules and strictures, Kathryn & 'Kit' Cranmer yearns for adventure--and she finds it on Britain's rugged eastern coast, dressed as a boy at the head of a rag-tag band of smugglers. But there is another who rules the night: the notorious Captain Jack, the ruthless leader of a rival gang who will allow no trespassers...and who stops Kit's breath with his handsome, etched features and powerful physique.

In no time, Captain Jack sees through Kit's brazen disguise--and tempts her with kisses that compel the beautiful adventuress to surrender her cherished independence for nights of incomparable bliss. But her lover is much more than he seems--a man of secrets and dangerous mystery--and becoming Captain Jack's woman will carry Kit into a world of sensuous pleasures and unparalleled perils...and to new heights of excitement beyond anything she's ever dreamed.

Genre: Romance
Published: Jan 1997
Publisher: Avon Books
ISBN13: 9780380794553
ISBN10: 0380794551
Pages: 400