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Forever and Always
Mass Market  Mass Market  
Back by popular request . . . Sawyer, Morgan, Gabe and Jordan. What a family!


Gabe Kasper, the heartthrob of Buckhorn County, can have any woman he wants. But it's prickly, uptight college woman Elizabeth Parks who gets under his skin. She thinks Gabe's some kind of hero and wants an interview for her thesis. He doesn't consider pulling a couple of kids out of the lake heroic, but he'll answer her questions in exchange for kisses . . . and more.


Jordan Somerville thinks he wants a woman who's a paragon of virtue . . . . But then the gentle veterinarian -- rescuer of strays -- meets Georgia Barnes, exotic dancer. He's surprised at himself for lusting after her, until he discovers she's not what she appears to be. And then his heart gets way too involved. . .

Genre: Romance
Published: Sep 2002
Publisher: Harlequin Books
ISBN13: 9780373835287
ISBN10: 0373835280
Pages: 400