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Industrial Evolution: Reprise of the Machines Book II
Mass Market  Mass Market  
Guess who's coming to dinner?

Take a couple of techno-geniuses on the wrong side of the law, add a politician so corrupt his quest for the presidency is quite promising, then throw a secret civilization of freaky, subterranean dwellers who haven't seen daylight in a long time--it all adds up to one big pain for Remo.

It's not as if he doesn't have enough problems with Chiun or with CURE yanking his chain at every turn. But a diabolical father-son team of uber-inventors are now self-styled gods of the Mole People, turning a network of abandoned mines into an underground city--thanks to an army of albino cannibals and truckloads of unsuspecting slave labor from terra firma. Sure, the Destroyer has taken on fetid, flesh-eating monsters and smart-ass psychos before, but now there's a bigger threat looming within the House of Sinanju--something impossible, unthinkable. . .and disastrously real.

Genre: Men's Adventure
Published: Oct 2004
Publisher: Harlequin Books
ISBN13: 9780373632527
ISBN10: 0373632525
Pages: 346