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Smear Campaign

One by one, America's most corrupt public servants are dying violent deaths. Call it coincidence, cal it a spontaneous clamor for a cleaner, brighter America, call it years of clever plotting by a brilliant mastermind, or simply call it just deserts. Suddenly there's a new flavor on the political menu -- a campaign so white, it's blinding the American public.

The juggernaut that is the Morals and Ethics Behavior Establishment -- MAEBE -- is on a roll. Will its ultrasecret enforcement arm, the White Hand, kill enough scumbags to make their guy the uberboy of the Presidential race? MAEBE! Will Orville Flicker succeed in his murderous, manipulative campaign to win the Oval Office? MAEBE! Can Remo and Chiun stop the bad guys from getting whacked -- at least until CURE officially pays them to do it? MAEBE!

It's time to give the competition some competition. No ifs, buts, or MAEBEs about it.

Genre: Action & Adventure
Published: Apr 2004
Publisher: Harlequin Books
ISBN13: 9780373632503
ISBN10: 0373632509
Pages: 352